Our Projects

 Our purpose is to create a skating experience in the Web3 platform that is as realistic and beautiful as real world skating. Be it skating races or graceful dance performance by ice skaters one should be able to participate as a player, a performer or be able to witness some classic performances. There is more to our plan which involves Skaters Championship Events with big wins, larger audience and an opportunity to be Star Players of Metaverse.

Our first NFT collection covers 700 unique Skates and Skateboards. This collection covers artistic and designer 3D NFTs which you must have in your portfolio. 

We are half way through our Wearables development. This launch will set you in Style to swiftly move through Decentraland

An interesting digital space for all skaters to try out their skills and styles is on its way. This year you will get to glide and experience the skaters paradise.

We are on track to provide Metaverse Events for the world skaters. You can join for more fun with an amazing group of skating enthusiasts.

Be a Super Skater or view the Super Skaters in real-time action rising through different levels of challenges. Cheer for your favorite player and enjoy the Championship Season. 

Skaters Wearables are coming soon

With our wearables you can glide in style. Upcoming collection will cover variety of skates, head gears (bands/helmets) and costumes. 

Join us to stay updated on New Collections and Events