World of Super Skaters

Fascinated with the flawless glide of Skaters we present a huge collection of 3D NFTs. This new Collection marks all traits of different forms of skates that are used worldwide. Our collection displays in action five types of Skateboards and four different types of Skates. We are geared up to create and launch a Digital Space that transcends physical boundaries by enabling the same thrill of skating experienced on Ice and Road, albeit in a virtual world.


We feel our deepest gratitude towards our environment and so we are always looking for ways in which we could add value. We are ethically dedicated towards planting thousands of trees and always attempt to support organizations that are making it happen. We are very enthusiastic about sharing our time, effort and funds on tree plantation camps and initiatives. Our environment initiatives are driven by the intent to "Let's give a 'Little more Love' to our mother Earth who gives us Everything". 

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